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Mohamed Ali Asfahani

Mohamed Ali Asfahani

IT Manager/Software Developer/Network Expert

Application Developer (Web,Desktop,Mobile)
Database Developer
Network Engineer
Azure Specialist
35 years old
Driving License
Doha Qatar
Employed Just looking around
Dynamic, results–oriented and highly accomplished expert with 10+ years in the Information System and Technology.

Turnkey solution provider, earning the confidence of business process owners, through delivery of efficient business process solutions and due to competent design and implementation of the IT infrastructure.

Highly experienced in providing strategic IT solutions aligned with business development and software building into diverse domains (Finance, Human Resources, Logistics & Operations, Retail & Wholesale, Inventory, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution, Project Management, Insurance, etc.).

Skilled with record of success in planning and implementing the most comprehensive, smart, calculated, secured and proficient infrastructure associated with the business operations including Data Centers, Networks, Servers, Storage, Disaster and Recovery plans, etc.

Significant talent in building team spirit, delegating the right task to the right person beside coaching and follow-up.
  • IT Infrastructure
    Managing the full IT infrastructure of the company and its subsidaries.
  • Software Development
    Developed web, desktop, & mobile applications to service multiple department such as Finance, HR, Procurement, & Clinics.
  • Networking Manager
    Configuring Cisco CUCM (Call Manager) switches, Cisco unity, wireless controllers, backups & administration to ensure the 100% up-time of the network. Managing call partitions & routing, wireless mangement, IVR call recordings & automation, etc..
  • Firewall System
    Managed the firewall systems using the Sophos Firewall Technologies to ensure the security and connectivity of the Head Quarters and project Offices. Configurations like NAT, web protection (based on username or IP address or Department), network protection & routing, etc..
  • Development Of Time Keeping Application
    Creation of Time Keeping application to collect the attendance of 8,000 employees. The application is divided into three parts:
    1- Web Application: The time keepers use this ASP.NET web interface to enter the daily attendance of the laborer. There are huge restrictions on entries and each time keeper is assigned to certain projects. Smart queries allow accurate entries without duplicates.
    2- Biometric Entries: I used bio metric machines to extract and collect the data of employees and merge them with the time keeping system. These machines throw live data to the database and they are mainly used for Staff employees who work on project offices and Head Quarters.
    3- Desktop Application: The final phase is a desktop application maintained exclusively with the payroll team which in turn monitors the entries and do the needful editing before proceeding with the payroll.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Implementation
    I'm heading the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics to our company (Construction). The main modules we are working on are HR, Finance, Procurement, Project Management, CRM (for Clinics and hospitality). This project will be hosted on Microsoft server (Dynamics 365) and integrated with my in-house developed application.
  • Employee Portal
    I developed a portal which hosted several applications for employees such as:
    --IT or Payroll help desk which enables the submission of tickets. This platform is based on two platforms:
    1- Web Application: End-user ASP.Net portal where the users submit and follow up with their tickets
    2- Desktop Application: Used by the IT personnel to accept and resolve tickets.
    --Personal Info where the employee can lookup his registered information, view salaries & payslips, leave balances, etc..
    --the portal included the timekeeping app that i mentioned in details earlier
    --Leave application where the users can submit & view the process of their leaves
    --Leave Approval for managers to decide & collaborate over the submitted leaves
    --Exit permit application tom submit & view the process of the exit permit request. Also i integrated the application with the Government's Metrash service
    --Legal Affairs App for the legal department to save & follow up on their legal cases
    --Many other apps were also included as you can see in the portfolio images.
  • Business Intelligence (Power BI)
    I created a wide range of reports using complex SQL queries and integrated it with the Power BI tool from Microsoft. These reports are Budgeting & Costing, P&L, Account Statement, Payroll Costing Allocation, Management reports, leave status reports, etc...
  • Speed-Tech Application iOS/Google Play
    Developed an application under the name of Speed-Tech which allows the business customers to request services, follow-up, and view/pay their bills through it. This application has a back-end portal where users assign and resolve customer's orders.
  • Attendance Application
    Within the desktop application i developed there is a module which is responsible for retrieving & showing the check-in & check-out records for all employees, together with filtration based on multiple categories (Department, site, late check-ins , etc...).
  • Azure Platform Migration
    All the company services & servers were shifted to azure since mid-2018. All the applications i developed that used to be hosted on physical servers are now transformed into App services on Azure. Other 3rd party applications which were running on our physical servers were shifted to cloned servers under the Virtual Machines on Azure.
    The SQL database was also migrated to Azure SQL. And the SQL automated procedures were either shifted to WEB Jobs or automation functions.
    The storage was shifted to StoreSimple & Azure BLOBS.
    The Active directory was shifted to Azure virtual domain as I created a private tunneled network between the head office network & azure network (that hosted the domain) to ensure the continuity of the active directory services on premises.
  • Office 365 management
    The group's emails are hosted on Office 465 with over 1000 active users. me and my team managed the services whereas i was looking after the complex issues that requires powershell scripts to be resolved or automated. I handled the multifactor authentication integration, created a single-sign on feature with our in-house developed app and web portal so that the users authentication is handled by Microsoft accounts. Also i managed all the Security & Compliance reports for the management, exchange rules, etc...
  • Sharepoint - Office 365
    I created many sites & apps using the sharepoint on Office 365, some which were developed using the online portal while others required scripts of coding to acquire further automation and integration with out database.
  • SQL
    Our databases uses Microsoft SQL and are hosted on Azure. I used to develop all the Stored Procedures, creation & integration of tables & views, creation of complex queries whether for personal use or for Power BI code.
Company Description
Bin Omran Trading & Contracting is one of the biggest Construction companies in Qatar. The company has more than 8,000 employees and it is the mother company of
1- Al Alia Construction (Civil Engineering)
2- STROM Construction (Mechanical & Electrical Engineering)
3- SIDRA Agricultural
4- Royal Value Trade (Asphalt Plant)
5-Bin Omran Engineering & projects (Roadmarking & Road Safety)
Company website