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Mohamed Ali Asfahani

Mohamed Ali Asfahani

IT Manager/Software Developer/Network Expert

Application Developer (Web,Desktop,Mobile)
Database Developer
Network Engineer
Azure Specialist
35 years old
Driving License
Doha Qatar
Employed Just looking around
Dynamic, results–oriented and highly accomplished expert with 10+ years in the Information System and Technology.

Turnkey solution provider, earning the confidence of business process owners, through delivery of efficient business process solutions and due to competent design and implementation of the IT infrastructure.

Highly experienced in providing strategic IT solutions aligned with business development and software building into diverse domains (Finance, Human Resources, Logistics & Operations, Retail & Wholesale, Inventory, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution, Project Management, Insurance, etc.).

Skilled with record of success in planning and implementing the most comprehensive, smart, calculated, secured and proficient infrastructure associated with the business operations including Data Centers, Networks, Servers, Storage, Disaster and Recovery plans, etc.

Significant talent in building team spirit, delegating the right task to the right person beside coaching and follow-up.
  • Retail Software Development
    Under the name of "YouScan", this software is a 3 tier program (.Net user Interface, webservice, and Database). It covers the requirements of Finance, Human Resources, sales & marketing (retail and wholesale), logistics, inventory control, supply chain, warehousing, distribution, project management, mall and property management, etc.
    On 2013, the company was shifted totally to operate on this program after disposing all other software gradually.
  • Inventory Software Development
    A .Net-Based software designed to help businesses manage inventory, sales, purchasing, shipping and related functions. The software works with barcode, RFID and wireless tracking technology to support inventory tracking and control. This software mainly helps on the supply chain management and operations management in tracking products or components as they move from vendors to warehouses, between warehouses, and finally to retail locations or directly to customers.
  • Apple IPad/IPhone Sales Software Development
    As a prestigious move towards presenting an advanced view of the company I developed an IOS application which does the all the sales orders transaction on an IPad or IPhone. The application was used by our company in Qatar's Jewelry Exhibition. It was developed using the Objective-C language and using the X-Code platform on Macintosh. This application was also connected the Retail application i developed recently.
  • Monitoring Software Development
    Software responsible for viewing the online users who are currently active on a certain application/ Webservice. It gives the capability of chatting, remote assisting, and logging the user's data that is passing through the monitored application.
  • Assets Inventory Software Development
    .NET Windows Mobile/ Windows Phone based software responsible for counting the company's fixed assets. It has the functionality to enroll new assets, edit current ones, transfer assets based on employee codes/departments. Create basic report for counted assets based on criteria classification (Division, department, employee, etc..)
  • WiFi Login Portal Development
    As free wifi is presented in many places of the showrooms, an HTML5 login portal was created to collect the customer's basic information and grant him access to free internet after accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Time Attendance Software Development
    Developed a time attendance application which automatically calculates the In/Out time for each employee, display a graph of employee's attendance for a week or a month, and has an automatic notification (Email) system whichalerts the managers and the employees about any attendance issues. A screenshot of the program is available in my portfolio website.
  • Lease Management Software Development
    A fully functional lease management software which runs the operation of a real estate company. It is customized to work in Qatar as there are partitioned villas. It tracks all the pending payments, overdue ones, and all other tenants information and data. You can create properties and add partitions to them, or create buildings and specify their units. it also has an online portal for tenants to check their rental balance and submit a maintenance request which in turn automatically notifies the managers about it. It has an integrated SMS feature which send notifications for tenants upon every action. It also calulcates the profit and expenses of (electricity, other expenses, etc..) for each unit and tells you what your profit is. There is also a summary screen which shows you a summary output (profit and loss) for the current month. This program is a 3 tier program consisting of windows .net application, Windows Azure SQL, and IIS 7 webservice hosted on Windows Azure platform.
  • Oracle HR - EBS Suite
    Introducing the Oracle 12 EBS Business Suite to the company as they were implementing a new software, in assistance with the Mannai Corporation, which complies with there expanding business. I was responsible for the integration and data collection in addition to training and User Acceptance Tests for the HR module. The inner modules i was responsible of were:
    1- Payroll
    2- Learning Management
    3- Self Service
    4- Performance Appraisal
    5- Core HR
  • Darwish-Oracle Website Development
    I developed and HTML5 based website to show the progress of the ongoing integration between Oracle and Darwish Holding for the Oracle EBS Suite. This website shows each depratment and each module on a timeline graph in addition to the description of the project and the super user of the month.
  • Performance Appraisal ASP.NETApplication
    As the company introduced the performance appraisal program and in order to collect the basic data as a preparation stage to the Oracle performance appraisal module. I developed an website which collects the data (questionnaire) for the employees and allows the managers to view their employee's submitted forms based on an automatic hierarchy of responsibilities.
  • Payroll System Development
    Developed a payroll software which calculates the monthly payroll activities in order to prepare the data for migration towards the finance department. The software is responsible for the following:
    1- Upload of payroll elements (Basic, incentives, allowances, etc..)
    2- Revision of the employees in a customizable and filtered data-grid.
    3- view of the employee personal data and allowances.
    4- Pre-Processing the payroll
    5- Final migration to finance.
  • ASMX Webservice Development
    Developed as asmx webservice which is hosted on IIS 7 platform as a middle tier between the database and the retail application.
  • Managing Windows Servers 2012/2008 R2